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NewPV is an italian startup founded in 2020. It all began from the meeting between some researchers of CNR-IMEM Institute in Parma, with decades-long experience in the green energy field, and Ramberti Srl, the italian leader in the bathing equipment and in the outdoor furniture sectors. The mission of NewPV is to provide clean energy anywhere, in particular where energy is unapproachable, designing and making integrating systems with innovative solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. These panels are semi-flexible, ultra-light and optimised with a new concept of lithium-free storage. The full customization of the systems can be based on customer’s request.



The working team of NewPV is composed of businesspeople with forty-year experience of technological development in the outdoor sector and professional workers in the renewable energy field, with direct experience in developing innovative PV technologies, in designing off-grid systems and in testing devices for energy generation and distribution. The novel ideas behind the NewPV products originated from the activity of material scientists and industrial chemists in the energy sector, which led to the publication of more than 200 international scientific papers and 6 national and international patents.

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The energy of the future comes from the sun!

NewPV photovoltaics: flexible, ultra-lightweight and fully integrated panels

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The idea comes out from the increasing requirement to have continuously working smartphones and tablets and always connected to the mobile network anywhere. Overuse of these devices reduces their battery life, which therefore needs to be recharged several times a day. Away from home, far from cities or in holiday resorts, it is always difficult to find an electrical outlet where to recharge the smartphone. Power banks are excellent solutions to increase the smartphone autonomy, but they too need to be charged in advance.

Power charge

The NewPV system allows to recharge smartphones using solar energy freely and anywhere, using very light mini-photovoltaic modules, suitably engineered to charge personal devices and also household appliances with powers even greater than the nominal power of the PV module.

At no cost

Charging personal devices without the need to be connected to the electricity grid, at zero cost and zero CO2 emissions.


Freedom andlightness for“sun-charging”smartphonesand tablets

Energico is a flexible 18 Wp mini-module designed to charge USB personal devices. Its weight of only 77 grams and the size of only 30 × 15 cm2 allows its easy portability in a bag, ready to be used in any situation. Energico’s electronics allow continuous charging of the smartphone even in situations of non-optimal solar radiation (diffused light, cloudy day). The ultralight encapsulation guarantees waterproofing and resistance to limited mechanical deformations.

Energico is aware of how much CO2 equivalent has actually been emitted for its production: 3 kg. But it is one of the few objects capable of recovering its debt to Nature. For every 50 panels produced, NewPV has committed to planting a tree, which manages to capture the same amount of CO2 generated in the panel production process (150 kg) only in its first year of life. In this way, customers can purchase a product that has already paid off its greenhouse gas debt with the environment before its use. And that from that moment on, it will avoid further emissions by using energy from the sun.

A “zero-impact” multiple Charging Station for smartphones and small appliances

Tiricarico is a photovoltaic column for the multiple charge of smartphones (up to 6 simultaneously) and for powering small household DC appliances (up to 200 W). Solar energy is generated by a 79 Wp patented NewPV semi-flexible module, connected to a special operating unit equipped with “Lithium-free” electronics. The operating unit manages the power generated by the module by compensating for any periodic lowering (e.g. in the event of cloudy weather), and extends the autonomy of the system up to 2 hours in the absence of sunlight. The nighttime autonomy of the system ( > 50 Wh, that is the energy to power a LED chain for 5 hours) is guaranteed by an external power bank. Smartphones can be safely left in special locked slots. The performance of the module and the charging column can be viewed in real time through a dedicated smartphone APP, from which the user can also be updated on his “Green goals”, ie the actual effects on the environment following his choice aware of using 100% clean energy as an alternative to that taken from the grid. With its zero-impact technology, it is ideal for powering electronic devices in sunny places away from the electrical outlet, such as beaches or mountain huts. At the customer’s request, the column can be equipped with an alternating current system (220 VAC).


Multiple charging station for two-wheeled electric vehicles

e-Ric is a stand alone photovoltaic gazebo specifically designed for green charging electric vehicles, such as e-bikes, scooters, hoverboards, segways or electric scooters. Thanks to the 220 VAC electrical sockets, e-Ric can also be used to bring electricity to gardens, terraces, beaches and all those places far from the electricity grid. The ultra-light solar modules patented by NewPV are mounted on a PVC canvas, etractable in case of bad weather. The system is capable of generating up to 10 kWh of electricity from the sun in a single day.

Product customization

NewPV provides consultancy and can manufacture custom products, responding to specific needs related to the power supply of devices (low / medium power) in the absence of an electrical network. The company deals with specific, innovative and unconventional solutions, from the feasibility study, to the choice of components (PV and electronic components), to the sizing and optimization of the complete system, to remote control, with great attention to integration (aesthetic aspect, weight and dimensions) and functionality (uniformity of the delivered power, storage, etc.).

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Sustainable development

The ideas of ​​NewPV systems perfectly match with at least 3 of the 17 “sustainable development” goals included in the UN 2030 Agenda:

7 – CLEAN AND ACCESSIBLE ENERGY: NewPV technology has been designed to make the cleanest energy available to everyone: solar energy. Integrated systems behave like real portable micro-power plants easy to be exploited by the individual consumer, bringing electricity where the grid is not reachable. Although the mini-modules can generate limited amounts of energy, they can recharge dozens of smartphones a day!

11 – SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES: The modules of the NewPV system have been designed to facilitate the personal portability and the use in extra-urban environments (seashores, mountain areas). In fact, the extreme lightness of the mini-modules, compared to the traditional commercial modules, makes them temporarily installable on a whole series of existing urban artifacts, such as building walls, canopies, awnings, tables, umbrellas or window sills. The small size and the light weight of the mini-modules allow for quick installation even on vertical or curved surfaces, without needing any special tools or anchoring devices. The mini-modules can be produced with an appropriate aesthetic “camouflage” to harmonize with the environment in which they are installed without disfiguring the architectural decoration. By imagining outdoor public places, aggregation centers, but also light poles, NewPV systems can be easily inserted in all urban contexts as a service for the free charge of personal devices or electric vehicles, and stored at the end of the day, contributing to reduce the city demand of fossil energy.

13 – FIGHT AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE: Without realizing it, every simple recharging operation from the electrical grid is responsible for generating about 9 grams of CO2-equivalent, due to the mostly “fossil” origin of the energy distributed blend. Since each of us makes this gesture at least once a day, every year, only in Italy, at least 0.2 million tons of CO2 are generated just to charge the phones. If we sum to this the contribution of tablets/PC charge, it is not difficult to double emissions, which gives the idea of ​​how the conscious use of clean energy for the simple recharging of our portable devices could also benefit the environment. .

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The patented NewPV technology (Italian patent n.102019000017396 of 09/27/2019 and international n ° PCT / IB2020 / 059000 of 09.25.2020) concerns two innovative aspects of the proposed solutions:

1. ENCAPSULATION: the encapsulation of solar modules on the market is obtained by means of a traditional vacuum lamination system, a slow process (each module is completed in about 20 minutes), which needs rigid protection of the cells to prevent breakage (usually glass), which affects two critical aspects of portability: weight and flexibility. Due to the glass substrate, the gross weight of traditional rigid modules can exceed 100 g / Wp.
The cell protection in NewPV systems is achieved through an innovative roll-to-roll encapsulation process without backsheet, which uses transparent protective multilayer films, and reduces its weight by up to 4 g / Wp! In addition, the intrinsic flexibility of the encapsulant allows the mini-module to be folded like a road map, reducing the total size up to that of the single cell (12x12cm2), which can therefore also be carried in a bag.

2. “LITHIUM FREE” STORAGE: the innovative electronics developed by NewPV for the control and the storage of the power generated by the solar modules, unlike traditional lithium batteries, can tolerate millions of charge / discharge cycles, is chemically stable, and resists even when exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures. In addition, unlike chemical batteries, NewPV electronics are able to generate electrical powers (up to kilowatt) capable of powering not only smartphones and small devices, but also DC portable appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, work tools and compressors.

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